Training & Motivation

Play / Building Motivation
Two Toy Games
Why I Still Like To End Sessions On A Good Note
How to increase your dog’s motivation for training: The Most Important Ingredient Of Work Ethic
An example of restructuring a training session to get more joy and keep motivation high: What A Difference Some Play Makes

Thoughts On Training
One way to solve a problem is to create the opposite problem first.
Another controversial idea is to “blame the dog” and see what we must change in our behavior to compensate for that weakness: Or You Could Blame The Dog

You want to train your whippet in agility? Great, read on!
Training Your Whippet In Agility – Part 1

Training Your Whippet In Agility – Part 2

Training weave entrances with channel weaves:
Training Weave Entrances
Weave Entrances On Four Poles
Weave Entrances On The Full Set

Pivoting around a perch a.k.a Perchwork:
Pivoting Steps 1-3
Pivoting Step 4
Pivoting Step 5

Frog Trick

An idea how to teach a tucked sit (yes, I consider that a “trick” 😉 )

Training Class Reviews
Silvia Trkman’s Agility Foundations Class Review
Susan Garrett’s Recallers

Taking a break from agility
Our warmup routine for agility

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