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No Longer A Puppy

Trinity all grown up <3

Trinity all grown up ❤

Ruby doesn’t like puppies. You can almost hear him saying “ewww get this thing away from me, QUICK!” when a puppy is near him. Just like some people adore children while others would rather have a dentist appointment than deal with screaming little versions of humans, so it is with dogs. Java happens to like puppies, Ruby not so much.


So when my sister got Trinity the Boston Terrier puppy, Ruby was not impressed. To add insult to injury, the dwarf got most of Mateja’s attention, one of Ruby’s favorite humans. And toys! The horror! As far as Ruby was concerned, all the toys at Mateja’s place belonged to him and his friends – and Trinity was most certainly not his friend.


Recently Trinity turned 1 year old and Ruby’s attitude changed. He recognizes that she is no longer a puppy (and maybe seeing her started to predict good things just a little).

This is Ruby’s “I’m about to go crazy” face.


Let’s play, Trinity!


This is not the end of the road yet, but it looks very promising 🙂




Beautiful photos by Mateja Lugarič 🙂

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