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Agility Foundations Homework

The class has finally begun! Unfortunately Java has injured the skin on her paws while running after balls. I think the ground is too rough at the moment as there is not much grass and her skin is not used to it. We won’t be training for a week while her skin heals, but here is what we did so far:

  • 2on2off: we progressed to the point when I can throw the treat ahead and she will stop in position (well, mostly… and sometimes she will get slow while watching the treat – who said stickiness is for BCs only 🙂 )
  • Multiwraps: she is quite tight and focusing on the cone much better than before.
  • Figure 8: I asked for more than she could do, then I tried correcting it with multiwraps, then she got slower 😦 But that first try had lovely speed! Need to have a better plan prepared for next time.
  • Single wrap sends: I used a bottle on a string so that I wouldn’t use thrown toys all the time and she didn’t drive into the turn quite as well, but turns were nice and tight.
  • Weaves: within a few repetitions she was running ahead into nothing and recalling through 🙂 Too bad we’ll have to stop using tennis balls for a while.
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