Training Weave Entrances

Silvia Trkman teaches weaves using the “weave channel” method, which means you put a line of 6 poles on the left and a line of 6 poles on the right then send the dog through. With time you close the gap between lines until you get a set of 12 straight weave poles and the dog is still going through. There are of course other ways to teach the dog weave: 2×2 weaves, putting guide wires on the weave poles, weave-o-matic etc.

I taught Ruby to weave using the channel method and I really liked the result – a very happy and fast weave performance. Weaves are one of Ruby’s favorite obstacles, because in his head he is still just running straight through after a ball 😉

A very happy weaver

A very happy weaver

However, teaching the dog how to move through weaves is only a part of the process. Another important part is training the dog how to recognize and perform the entrance independently. This is where Silvia’s method didn’t work so well for me, so I researched the matter and came up with my own hybrid of methods that worked really well for Ruby and is working even better for Java. 🙂

I teach it in my living room using just 4 free standing “poles”. After just three sessions working on each side Java was nailing 60 degree entrances. Shortly after that she could do 90 degree entrances. I couldn’t believe we were able to progress this fast after trying Silvia’s instructions and not getting anywhere.

This image shows 45-degree entrances (blue line), 90-degree entrances (purple) and 180-degree entrances (red) – yep, Java can do those, too! 60-degree entrance would be starting the dog at number 8 (on the left) or 4 (on the right).


Are you interested in finding out the details? Drop me a comment (or email).

This is Java’s second session transferring the knowledge from the living room to the club’s weave channel (which looks a LOT different from my homemade poles). It’s the entire session, including mistakes. What a smart girl! I’m so proud of her 🙂

The follow-up post describing the beginning of weave entrance training:
Weave Entrances On Four Poles

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5 thoughts on “Training Weave Entrances

  1. Ohhhhh!!! I’m really interested!! Lu can usually get from 8 to 4, but not 10, 9, 3, or 2…and we seem to be stuck! If I try moving further around she goes in on the 2nd pole, or comes out on the other side.. Let me know more about how you trained it inside? I think, based on your video, that I should maybe be starting her closer than I have been, giving her less opportunities to drift in and therefore start on the 2nd/wrong pole.

  2. From 8 to 4 is much better than what I got with Java before I started working with the living room setup! We were stuck half way between 6 and 7/5.
    As I’m sure you know entrances around 9 and 3 can be tricky, so I would proceed slowly and make it easier if she makes two mistakes in the row to avoid patterning. I don’t know if you’re mixing hard side and soft side entrances in the same session, but I do them in separate sessions in the beginning and it makes a big difference. If you’re closer you can feel better if she is pulling toward the entrance or toward the 2nd pole, so that would be good to try. I restrain and only release when she pulls to the entrance. For exiting the weaves on tough entrances I would make them wider while she’s learning where is the entrance and then gradually move them closer again.
    Hope this helps!

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  4. Really like your posting Andreja! Thank you. Will be helpful to to direct other people to it!

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