…and we’re back!

My poor tortured dogs during walk in Russi

My poor tortured dogs during walk in Russi

Last week we went to Ravenna to see dr. Piras. (Thank you all for nice wishes!)

This was the longest trip I ever took with Ruby and Java – about 5.5 hours each way. They did surprisingly well, settling down and not making a peep for the whole journey. I thought we would be hearing some complaining after two hours, especially with no stops. I remember going for my first two hour drive with Ruby and how impatient he got after just one hour of driving. We stopped at a rest stop, I let him out, he discovered it was freezing outside and was very happy to go back to his crate 😛 Well, there was no complaining this time. Maybe it helped that it was freezing cold in Ljubljana and they figured they would rather be in their crates than out there 😉

By the time we got to Ravenna they had enough, though. They were so happy to be out of their crates and we even had some time to take a walk. Not so happy when they discovered we drove all that way to see a vet of all people, but they were good patients nevertheless.

We found out that Ruby’s toe that gave him the most trouble in the past has become unstable – in other words it moves around too much 😦 Apparently there is nothing we can do about it that would stabilize it for good, so it needs to be buddy wrapped with the next toe to fixate it whenever he runs – forever. I have been wrapping it since we came back and I think he is driving from the rear more than he did before. Maybe I’m just seeing things that I want to see, but it really looks to me like he’s using his rear legs better.

I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t understand Java’s diagnosis very well… By the time of our appointment I was very very tired (driving in a car is very taxing for me for some reason), I slept only 4 hours that night and I think only half of my brain was still awake at that point. I *thought* I understood what dr. Piras was saying, but by the time we got back to Ljubljana it was all a haze.

Well, after calling Piras ten times a day all week I was finally able to get him on the phone yesterday and this time I was able to process the info 🙂 Here it goes: Java sprained the medial collateral ligament when she fell into the ditch and then some scar tissue formed. The ligament is doing OK. The swelling we see is a result of scar tissue pressing on the tendon sheath. The fluid in the tendon sheath is pumped up when Java runs, but because of the pressure from scar tissue doesn’t flow back down. It helps if I massage it or guide the joint through it’s range of motion.

He advised using DMSO on it, therapeutic ultrasound and to keep wrapping the wrist for a long time to help with proprioception and therefore stabilization. Just like in humans, sprains have a tendency to repeat, so it’s best to be careful… but he said she can run and even do light agility. Ahhhh… I feel so relieved that she doesn’t need a surgery or another 6 months of rest!

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8 thoughts on “…and we’re back!

  1. Penny

    Oh good-ish news for Java! Interesting to hear the details of the diagnosis, thanks for putting it all down.

  2. I’m glad they are both okay! I’m sure it’s probably not so fun having to wrap them and whatnot but at least it’s not life threatening!! Happy Holidays! 😀

  3. joycejaskula

    So glad to hear that no surgery is needed….just wrapping and massage. Here in the U.S. we cannot run our dogs in agility with any kind of bandage….what about there?
    Overall, i think it’s good news and great that you are seeing the bright side of things. Could have been so much worse. Your doc sounds like he knows his stuff. That is worth the 5.5 hr. drive.
    Enjoy the holidays now that the appointment is behind you! joy

    • Here a dog with a bandage can run if the judge allows it. It’s generally frowned upon, so the need for bandages will make trialing very difficult… but the important part for me is that we can train.
      Happy holidays to you, too 🙂

  4. Silke Capo

    Great to finally have diagnosis for both of your dogs. And yes, the wrapping isn’t fun, but I’m glad, that both are allowed to run again. I think for a whippet that’s the most important thing. And at least you can train Java. If you enter a trial later, she will be perfect 😉

    • Yes, being able to run free is definitely the most important thing in my book. And at the rate we’ve been going for the past year, Java will need another year before trialing anyway 😛

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