The Aftermath

Stoned Ruby

Stoned Ruby

Anesthesia is a scary thing, but luckily everything went well, everybody at the vet’s office was very nice and Ruby is now completely back (also in his mind, not just his body 😉 ). He reminds me of this several times per night as he bumps into things with his Elizabethan collar. Thanks, Ruby. Can’t sleep? Yeah, me neither.

He was shivering this morning. I checked his gums and they seemed white to me. He was lying perfectly still. I got worried. I checked Java’s gums. They looked better than Ruby’s. Went to check Ruby’s gums again. They looked better this time. Then it dawned on me to ask him to get up. He looked at me like: “Are you sure you want me to get up? I thought I was in a stay.” Then he got up and was bright as ever, just a little cold. I put his Back on track coat on and was happy as a clam 🙂

Later today I took him for his first real walk and he was happy and pulling all the time. I don’t think I was ever so happy to see him pull on leash 🙂

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16 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. Karla Wilson

    It’s hard not to worry! Welcome back, Ruby, to the world of wall bumping, leash pulling, and joy! 🙂

    • Yeah, everything that looks a little weird is a cause for alarm right now. Maybe after I get a night of solid sleep… 😉

  2. Really glad the surgery went fine. Those moments when you’re sure something is wrong is the worst.
    Glad he’s feeling back to normal though. At least boys only have a little surgery! It’ll be Loki’s turn in a few months.. 😦

    • Yeah I’m so happy we got through the first two days OK 🙂 At what age do you plan to neuter Loki?

      • The breeder says they need to be done at 12 months though would probably be open to discussion. Though i think 12 months isnt too bad- should be done with growing & have had a bit of a dose of hormones.

        • I see. I would prefer to do it around 2 years, but I agree 12 months doesn’t sound too bad.

          • Yeah i think 2 or 18 months would be good but i think on the contract it says 12 months. I could probably do up to 14 months ok so I’ll see if i can leave it till then

  3. Julija

    Glad to see Ruby is doing fine ❤
    Andreja, why do you think its better to wait 2 years (I have a 7 mth whippet and haven't decided yet if/when to do it)?
    From reading your previous post I understand you wouldn't have done it, if it wasn't for Java (and Ruby's ❤ reactions to her).

    • Hi Julija, the reason is that sex hormones regulate end of growth in a young dog. They regulate when the growth plates of various bones in the body will close. Some vets believe that if the dog is spayed/neutered before the growth plates have closed they will not be as proportionate and when you’re doing agility (or another sport) with that dog that would predispose them to injury. So to be on the safe side it’s better to spay/neuter after 18 months. I prefer 2 years simply because by then I would be really sure that growth plates are closed.

    • Silke Capo

      I’d also wait until 18month so they have physically matured (with a whippet being a medium size breed that’s around 15 month). I try to wait until 2years too so that they have also mentally matured. They say that a dog is mentally mature between 2 and 3 years of age. But depending on the problems you have, maybe you don’t want to wait until he has mentally matured.

  4. I’m so glad everything went well!!

  5. Julija

    Thanx, that makes sense (and thanks for some extra time before a decision needs to be made :-))
    wishing all the best!

  6. Silke Capo

    Glad that Ruby is fine again!

    • Thanks, he was actually VERY active for a week or so and I had to keep a close watch on him, now he’s more ‘normal’ again.

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