Day 27 & 28: I Have A Plan

In less than two weeks I’ll be heading for Vienna to audit an OMD seminar by Janita Leinonen and Jaakko Suoknuuti. Trust me, the irony of driving to another country for agility workshop when I don’t even know when I’ll be able to do agility with my dogs is not lost on me. I have been thinking about it a lot. Would it just make me think of all the things I cannot do right now? Would I get all sad and depressed? Will I even remember anything of value since I won’t be able to try the moves with my dogs? Well I COULD practice the combinations on my own and visualize the dog, but

  • It would feel silly
  • I am crap at visualizing
  • How would I even know if I’m doing it right if I wouldn’t have a dog to show me?

But heck, I’m going anyway. I think it will be fun 🙂 I bet it will be interesting and even though I might not remember much by the time we’ll be able to do agility again it’s not a bad way to spend three vacation days. 😉 Plus, I’m taking Java with me. I’m trying to find some decent ultrasound diagnostics in Vienna as we speak. Keep your fingers crossed…

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10 thoughts on “Day 27 & 28: I Have A Plan

  1. Penny

    Is the diagnosis for Java agility-ending? This is not good. I think the seminar will be a heap of fun and inspiring, but yes I would get very frustrated not being able to do the things I learnt 😉

    • No, the problem with Java’s wrist is that we don’t have a diagnosis I would trust. More like “well let her rest and she’ll be fine in 6 weeks – 4 months”.

      • Penny

        Urgggg that’s annoyingly vague.

        • Yeah, it doesn’t really build confidence… especially since the diagnosis is just his opinion, there’s nothing to see on Xrays and no ultrasound… I might have a lead on an ultrasound in Vienna though! Keep your fingers crossed 🙂

  2. MaryHope Schoenfeld

    I also avoid auditing seminars because of the frustration factor, but i must admit that i really learn a lot from watching others run their dogs. Often i get that “aha!” moment when i see what another handler is doing either right or wrong. So i think you might get more than you expect from doing this. Are you permitted to take videos for your own use?

    • I don’t know yet about videos, but I will definitely ask.
      I think for me watching + doing it right away seems to really make things click in my mind. But I’m ready to be surprised 🙂

  3. Exciting! Have you checked out their online course? The OMD system has always intrigued me because I think Nova would do really well with it but I’m having trouble finding a good place to start. Any tips?

    • What they have online I wouldn’t exactly call a course, it’s more like a group of lessons, but they don’t have any logical progression. They are great though and lots of people say it’s worth their money. I was waiting for their Next Level program which was supposed to start in… well, half a year ago. 🙂

  4. Silke Capo

    Hope that Java and Ruby are soon able to do agility again. So far: just be silly and do the moves without the dogs. It helps me a lot doing things first without my dogs so I don’t have to think (too much) about it when adding the dog to the picture.

    • Silke I have tried practicing Forced Front Cross (one of OMD moves) by myself in the past. Then when I got to try it out with dogs I couldn’t figure it out why it didn’t work. The video showed my shoulders were turned wrong… I didn’t notice it while practicing. So besides feeling silly there is this problem that I could be practicing a wrong pattern over and over.

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