Day 20: Anticlimactic

I’m not sure why I expected to get a definitive answer to Java’s wrist problem today. After all I knew we couldn’t get a proper Ultrasound study in Slovenia, so what was keeping my hopes so high? This vet is quite certain that the cause of her swelling is tendovaginitis and that if we just prevent it from swelling for 6 weeks – 4 months it should heal on its own.

Ruby got his toe X-rayed and it looked like a part of one of the sesamoid bones is missing. The vet said that the missing part could be reabsorbed after fracture, but this doesn’t explain why the toe randomly starts hurting again (usually when he does a left turn). So I asked for a CT scan to check what exactly is going on. There appears to be some mineralization of the tendon… I will know more tomorrow hopefully when I have a change to speak to the vet again.

So, there. I know more than I did yesterday, but still less than I hoped to know. As Churchill would say, Keep Buggering On…

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