Day 16&17: Storms

There is a storm above Ljubljana right now. My sweet Ruby is a bit worried… I let him sleep on my bed on nights like this. I may get less sleep, but he feels safer. I love his soulful eyes, watching me as the grumbling above us continues.

There is a storm in my life as well, with Java’s mystery injury still unresolved and Ruby’s toe clearly not on the mend. I am hoping, waiting, waiting… waiting for the vet visit this Wednesday. Oh it is coming up so slowly. No one seems to know what could it be that makes her swelling appear and dissipate so quickly. I will hate it if it turns out that the reason is something benign and that I should have let her run around all this time. But I would hate it even more if I would let her run and then it would turn out that I should have rested her. 😦

I am not actually holding out much hope to get a definitive diagnosis this Wednesday. Not without the ultrasound check and it seems we don’t have any vets with required expertise in Slovenia, so who knows where we’ll be going for our next appointment. Well, at least I’m pretty sure this vet will know what to do about Ruby’s sprained toe. Hyaluronic acid worked wonders last time 🙂

Did you ever skip to the end of the book to see how it ends? I so want to do this right now…

Good night. I’m going to dream of the world in which my whippets run free.

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