Day 15: To Publish Or Not To Publish

We’re on day 15! This blogging-every-day gig is turning out a bit more difficult than I thought it would be, so considering how crazy this week was and how little sleep I got I am quite proud of myself for only missing two days. I’m still debating whether that means I need to write two more posts or did it suffice that I wrote two longer posts this week?

The downside of writing every day is, the quality of posts must suffer.


I don’t spend as much time thinking about what I’m going to write and I usually end up writing it late at night which means I’m quite tired by the time I press Publish and not inclined to re-read the post 10 times to check for spelling errors and weird sentences (since I’m not a native speaker I’m sure I make plenty of weird sentences either way, I just hope most of them get caught if I re-read the post a few times).

The upside is that you get to read posts you would otherwise never see. I have at least 10 posts (most are long, 1000-word-or-more writeups) that are partially written, but I either didn’t feel like I am competent enough to write about the topic or I lost the inspiration to finish them. The post Why Are Whippets Fast When Running, But Slow In Training? could easily end up as one of them. It was written as I was watching a friend interact with her whippet. I only read through it once or twice before hitting Publish and the moment I did it I was sorry. I felt the post was too patronizing of the reader and that it was missing a big chunk of the story, but it was already late and I really didn’t have time or energy to rewrite it.

In just two days it received over 120 views which is more than any other post in last 30 days. Just shows how little I know about what I should publish.

Thank you all for reading and commenting and sharing! It means a lot to me 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Day 15: To Publish Or Not To Publish

  1. Linda

    Hi Andreja.Thank you for all the work you put into producing these blogs.Your blogs have kept my spirits up on some really “grey days” when I read that you have experienced similar “hiccups” as I do with my Whips. Reading how you go about tackling them gives me other options & ideas to work with. I also like that you share your failures as well as your successes. Hope you catch up on some sleep this weekend 🙂

    • Hi Linda, it’s great to hear that posts have been helpful 🙂 I also read a ton of blogs when things didn’t go well with Ruby training-wise to get inspiration and convince myself we’ll get through. On the other hand I tend to read less when my dogs are hurt because then I miss agility even more. Do you read any Rally Obedience blogs that you would recommend?

      • Linda

        Hi Andreja. I don’t really read any other blogs but yours ;-). As you know, a while back I was looking for someone who was working their whippets who had the same mindset as myself towards their dogs and their training methods – your blog was just what I needed at the time ;-). I have since looked forward and enjoyed following your journey. I am most grateful for info on your posts. You have help me a lot from afar more than you will know!!
        I mostly use Utube training videos if I need some training info and I also have some trainers as “like pages” on facebook which I find useful. Pamela S Dennison has written a book on Rally-O and she is on Facebook.
        We don’t yet have Rally-O here as a dog sport but there are plans in place to get it off the ground soon. There are workshops to introduce Rally-O being held in July in Cape Town and Gauteng. Funds were raised to host Julie Flanery from USA here as the workshop presenter.
        My interest is in Freestyle / HTM Obedience but think the training is similar for the 2 disciplines.
        Here are a few addresses for you which might help you find a blog you are interested in :
        Rally Obedience (All Venues)

        UKC Rally

        APDT Rally

        ASCA Rally
        Hope these sites help.

        • Wow Linda, thank you for taking the time to write all that! I’m happy my posts have been helpful 🙂 Sometimes it’s enough to know that someone on the other side of the globe is going through similar things…
          I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you get Rally-O going in Cape Town! Is Freestyle or Heeling To Music already a sport there? I don’t think we have any competitions in Slovenia.
          Thank you for the groups! I recently joined +R Competition Obedience & Rally O group on Facebook and I find it very interesting, but I prefer reading blogs and getting to know people/dogs through them. I’m sure I will find some interesting new blogs through groups 🙂

          • Linda

            If I come across a Rally-O blog I will forward link to you. I will also join the +R Competition Obedience & Rally O group on face book,thanks for that link.
            The go ahead for Rally O as a dog sport has been approved here, now it just needs “the workers” to get it off the ground and promote it.After the workshop I’m sure that it will peek a lot of interest as people are always looking to try out new things with their dogs especially if their dogs have retired from agility through injuries, etc but they still want to keep themselves and their dogs active in competition but don’t want to do HTM / Freestyle routines.
            Yes, Freestyle and HTM are a sport here, still in its young days but interest is growing as people get exposed to the sport. The training is fun and it also helps to open people up to a new mindset regarding their training methods.Demo’s are always well received and hopefully are helping in the ongoing education against animal abuse.The sport is well supported in Gauteng and they have members who have been selected to represent SA at Crufts.Cape Town’s club is much younger and smaller but active, they hold 2 titling events a year. Members can also do Video Titling events and the videos are sent to USA for judging.

  2. Silke Capo

    Hi Andreja,
    did you read the latest posts of Denise Fenzi about trialing? She writes about obedience trialing, but I think you can transfer all this to ralley or agility.

    • Yes, I read her posts with great interest and I agree that it is totally transferable to other sports 🙂

  3. MaryHope Schoenfeld

    And by the way, i would NEVER guess that you were a non-native-English-speaker from your posts. You have mastered idiomatic English & your spelling is better than that of most of my Facebook friends 🙂

    • Haha what an irony – I had to look up idiomatic 😀 Thank you so much for your compliment 🙂

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