Day 10&11: Who Knew Proprioception Exercises Are So Important

Whoa what happened there? Days just whoooshed by! We are doing almost fine. Almost because Ruby’s toe is still not OK 😦 I have an appointment for both Ruby and Java next Wednesday at the vet. I got a list of things from Dr. Radcliffe that we should check on Java’s wrist so that’s making me feel hopeful that we will find the cause of her swelling. The SPARCS conference was great for keeping my mind off these things, as was a little motivational workshop we did with Whippets (and a token King Charles Spaniel) on Sunday.

I found this interesting video which explains how proprioception exercises can decrease probability of injuries and how they can help dog function better after an injury has occurred:

Now… does anyone know of a cheap way to build an agility ladder?

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4 thoughts on “Day 10&11: Who Knew Proprioception Exercises Are So Important

  1. Penny

    Use your ladder? 😉

    That video is the best description EVER! I think I finally understand!! Totally ground breaking for me. Thanks so much.

    I can even relate it back to say, the time I sprained my ankle pretty badly. That’s why that get you to all those weird exercises! ahhhh

    • Haha I live in a flat, therefore I don’t need a ladder. Well, at least I didn’t need it up until now 😉
      Yeah, it was a lightbulb moment for me as well. I used to think proprioception was just something that helped our dogs clear bars, nail a running contact or 2o2o position, stuff like that.

  2. If you don’t already have a regular ladder, PVC is super cheap and easy to work with. To build a ladder, all you really need is some PVC pipe and T fittings. You could probably make a simple ladder for proprioception work for about $10. You don’t even need to glue it together for something like this.

    You can also use sections of PVC pipe to play “pick-up sticks” by putting them on the ground crossing each other randomly and having your dogs walk through them.

    • Thanks Jeff, I like the idea of playing pick up sticks with PVC pipe.
      I usually don’t think of building stuff out of PVC because it’s really hard to find the kinds of connectors that are used for agility equipment, but T connectors should be pretty common, I guess!

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