Day 3: Here We Go Again…

Tonight we had another Rally Obedience class with Ruby and he is still as excited about it as ever. I can’t believe it! He barks and jumps when I ask him if he wants to work (I always ask my dogs if they want to work and they always answer YES!!!) and generally behaves like he’s having a great time. He can’t wait for his turn. Who is this dog? Not that I’m complaining, of course. 🙂

Then we went for the first cool walk in a week as it has been so hot on previous days. Even before I let her run free I could see that Java was feeling frisky and when I did… yep that was some serious zooming. I had to fix her wrist wrap twice as it kept sliding down. The second time I could see a bit of swelling, so with a heavy heart I fixed the wrap, leashed her up and headed home. Twenty minutes later I took the wrap off and there was NO swelling whatsoever. I even started wondering if I really saw swelling before or if I just imagined it. I think I see more vet visits in our future and more searching for answers…

It seems that every time I start posting about good stuff something bad happens. Maybe I should just complain all the time and keep all the good news to myself and my dogs would do fine?

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4 thoughts on “Day 3: Here We Go Again…

  1. Penny

    Yes you should certainly try to reverse psychology the internets 😉 I know EXACTLY how you feel about the swelling … ” did I see swelling? I think I saw swelling, it certainly seemed like swelling at the time … But now I think of it, it could have just been the lumpy bits of her wrist at a funny angle .. Now the other wrist looks swollen, and I know that’s not swollen ” much love xx

    • That should work, shouldn’t it? Because Life is really acting like a 2-year old these days! You can have it…. no I changed my mind, it’s mine. Aaaarrrrrrgh!

      Do you have a degree in psychology? Because that’s exactly the monologue that I have been playing in my head every time I took down the wrist wrap! I started playing it last night, too… but unfortunately I’m pretty sure I did see the swelling so now it’s time to get some answers.

      You hear me, Universe? I want answers and I want them yesterday!

  2. Linda

    Hi Andreja. So nice to hear that Ruby is having such a good time at Rally Obedience – nice change of pace from agility and offers other challenges for you two to work at together. I’ve found that Lacey just loves do all the close work. I also ask “Do you want to work, do you” and she always springs up and barks…it takes her a few seconds to settle after that but it well worth it as she is then switched on to work. I find it a good tool when we have to work without a treat or toy for short time as just a whisper gets her right attention right back again.
    So sorry about Java’s wrist I know how so frustrating it is when each time you think everything is now going well and then there is that limp or swelling again!! I must admit I have become a little bit paranoid about this and find myself constantly watching Lacey for any sign of an uneven step or limp.
    I like reading about all your goings on good or no so good as it makes me realise that other people go through the exactly the same things I do with my dogs and also it is helpful to read about how you go about dealing with training or health issues with Ruby and Java.
    Happy training.

    • Hi Linda, I wish I had your enthusiasm for rally obedience. I’m really head over heels in love with agility, with all the speed and action that it represents. Luckily Ruby isn’t too sensitive to my lack of enthusiasm and he is just having a ball 🙂 He definitely misses big training sessions with great rewards (instead of ordinary living room training sessions) and he just loves working in a class environment, so I’m training RO to keep him happy. I’m going to post a video later today.

      Yeah that word for a beginning of work session is very useful, isn’t it?

      You know I wished to be able to get into lives of other people and see how they do the little daily things many times, but I never thought someone might want to see how I do stuff. Interesting.

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