Day 1: Agility Retraining Begins

Feeling hopeful

Feeling hopeful

Over the past few weeks I have been slowly increasing the time Java was allowed to run free: from five minutes, to ten, all the way up to thirty minutes in the past few days. In the beginning I made sure she was running in easy, loping strides, but as time passed by and her wrist continued to do great, I let her open up more and these days she is zooming around, running in circles, turning sharply, stopping quickly – you name it, she does it. I am not throwing toys for her and she is still not allowed to run with other dogs (physio recommends that we wait until July), but I think she is stressing that wrist pretty well on her own and it’s holding up. Yeah!

Since everything has been going great we got a green light to do a little agility training – we have done some strengthening and now we are going to test the wrist with ever increasing levels of difficulty. Currently she is allowed to do wraps on flat as long as she’s not coming in with great speed, open weaves and 2o2o position. It took me a few days to get out of the funk I got myself into during her injury, but finally I’m excited! We can train again! Wheeeeee 🙂

Ruby’s toe also seems to be doing well. We did some pulling me uphill on walks (he pulls, I run) and he loved that 🙂 He will start getting some Flexi time on walks so he can run a bit, but not go crazy. Sometimes I can make him run in circles by putting him on Flexi lead and giving him a toy. That would be a nice easy exercise for him these days.

So in celebration of this milestone (and because I need a constant reminder that yes, we are doing stuff, things are improving, it’s all going to be OK) I decided to post every day for a month. There was a discussion about journal-style blogs the other day. Apparently my blog fits the category, so let’s journal!

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6 thoughts on “Day 1: Agility Retraining Begins

  1. MaryHope Schoenfeld

    Here’s hoping that Ruby & Java continue to improve & stay sound! I look forward to your daily posts 🙂

    • Yay I have one reader for my daily ramblings! Hopefully I won’t run out of stuff to post about 😉

  2. Cheers to continued good health! I love the language you speak – it sounds so congratulatory and proud of little Java’s good work. 🙂

  3. Yay! So glad to hear that Java is recovering well and you can start playing again!

    • Yeah! You know I used to be like “I’m not gonna post these good news just yet because tomorrow things might not look so good anymore” but now I’m like “forget that! I’m gonna blog about it while I still can!” 😀

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