Presenting… Trinity

She is spunky and fun and a little bit crazy and so, so cute. She’s my sister’s first puppy evah! So she’s a little bit mine, too 😉

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5 thoughts on “Presenting… Trinity

  1. Linda

    Hi Andreja Just so very cute. One of my husband’s all time favourites. They are quite popular here in SA and they always seem to be such happy, friendly little dogs.
    May you both have lots of fun times with your precious “Trinity”. Lovely name as well.

    • Oh so interesting to hear they’re popular down there! We don’t have that many in Slovenia while whippets and other sighthounds are quite popular, especially with all the rescued greyhounds and galgos coming in from Spain.

      • Linda

        Guarding type breeds, border collies, Siberian Huskies, lots of pugs, Dachshunds, Bulldogs, Pit Bulls,Min Schnauzers, Boston terriers,Maltese Poodles are most popular. Sight hounds not so much, they always attract attention when out in public. Dog racing is banned here and hopefully it will remain banned as I just dread to think of what these beautiful gentle hounds will be treated amongst the type of people who would be interested in this type of racing. We already have some much animal cruelty issues to deal with and educate people about, so if money is involved it really will be a tragedy. At the official Kennel Club shows you will see some hounds but classes are small [except Dachshunds!!] compared to the other groups. Usually only 1 male Greyhound. I have never seen a Galgos except in a photo. Very few whippets which in its way is nice as it is a small group which support each other and try to make sure any whippet pups go to suitable homes.Litters are usually bred only when the breeder needs a pup for their own line so the wait for a whippet pup can be quite long. I waited 2 years for my girl. Very interesting how each countries differ and learn about.

        • Is dog racing banned or just betting in dog races? Because if dog racing was banned here we couldn’t have whippet races and that would be pretty sad, not having the opportunity to let the dogs chase the lure. Of course with such a small whippet population in SA whippet racing probably wouldn’t be possible anyway…

          • Linda

            Hi Andreja. It is illegal to races dogs for money or fun and any racing which is taking place isn’t for public knowledge more “underground”. The SPCA will investigate and prosecute anyone involved in any dog racing but they really have their hands full cracking down on all the dog fighting rings going on a the moment. I don’t think very much dog racing actually goes on here as a person rarely hears about it especially not here in the Cape.I have never heard of any dog racing other than was held at the Husky club. Now racing with huskies and type breeds was recently officially banned here.
            I have read in the newspaper of illegal bush racing which is held in the homelands areas where dogs are used to chase smaller type of buck. A fast dog which brings down the prey earns a lot of money for their owners and can fetch a lot of money.
            And of illegal racing which is held on farms up country where they race ” Windehoed” which are greyhound type dogs – that is more a type of lure racing.
            Really don’t know about any racing usually only hear about it when SPCA and the police do a raid and the report is in the newspapers. I have never heard of any Whippet lure racing being held here but as you correctly stated there are very few whippets here in SA so would really be worth it.
            Last week a petition was circulated here about protesting the legalization of Greyhound racing in SA which a few business men are trying to get legalized. I just hope that their bid fails!

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