Good Or Bad?

So I took Ruby to the vet today. And of course he wasn’t limping, nothing was swollen, nothing hurt. I explain to the vet how he twisted his toe (I was still sure he did something to that toe he sprained last year) and he checks it and says nah… it’s not the toe. It’s not the wrist. Or the elbow. Or the shoulder. Nothing frigging hurts! The vet thought that perhaps Ruby landed weird and felt pain, but didn’t actually hurt anything. His suggestion was to just resume with activities as normal and if something hurts him check the whole leg right on the spot.

I’ll admit I’m a bit skittish about this plan… something definitely DID hurt when he jumped that stream, so I talked to our PT as well. I’m keeping him on leash this week. Next week I’ll let him run and see what happens.

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2 thoughts on “Good Or Bad?

  1. Penny

    Skittish is exactly the word to use. I would be feeling the same 🙂

  2. Yay, I got the word right! 🙂 A part of me is hoping that the vet is right while the other part is saying “no way!”.

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