Wrist Wrap

Java_BohinjJava got her wrist wrap today! Wait… What? What wrist wrap? Why?

Well, at first I thought it was a bee sting. After the coursing training several weeks back Java’s right wrist swelled up. It didn’t hurt her when I palpated it (and she’s not the kind of dog that hides the pain) and it went away after couple of hours. Bee stings happen. Ruby had a few already and didn’t seem to be in pain after the initial sting wore off. This looked quite similar. Still, the location of swelling was suspicious…

We continued going on walks as usual and there was no problem… For a week. Then we had agility training and afterwards the wrist got swollen again 😦 Still no limping, no pain, even when I squeezed it. I took Java to a vet for x-rays which were fine. The vet said it was a mild sprain and suggested two weeks of leashed walks.

After two weeks I let her run by herself and she was fine. Next day I let her run with Ruby and when we came home her wrist was swollen again 😦 No pain, just swelling. So then we went to PT and she said Java would need to wear a wrist wrap for a while, a hard one at first and later a softer one in which she will be able to run and do all the normal whippety things. She also got some ointment to keep inflammation down in case there was any more swelling and a pulsing magnet to help the healing process.

Interestingly our PT is currently treating another whippet with a very similar injury who also needed a wrist wrap so we were able to borrow the hard wrap of just the right size from her. Maja and Baska, I’m sorry we had to meet under such unfortunate circumstances, but I’m glad we did. Thank you for your help 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Wrist Wrap

  1. Penny

    Oh no 😦

    Pan had this a long time ago and it made her sad


    • So Pan’s leg was swelling when she moved and she even limped, but she was fine after a week of rest? Oh I wish we would be so lucky! While it’s great that Java is able to go on walks, it also makes me feel like she’s OK and it’s so sad when she has to watch other dogs run and have fun 😦

  2. Penny

    It came and went but eventually never came back. For the first few weeks it would swell if she was allowed normal exercise but would go down pretty quickly…. which was really annoying because every vet/physio etc never saw the swelling so they couldn’t diagnose anything. I rested her a lot, stuffed up thinking she was ok a few weeks later and it would swell again, rest again..you know the drill 😉 Over 6 months it only happened 3 times. I think after 2 years I never saw it come back. But you have much better specialist help and you have caught it early and you know MUCH more about rehabbing dogs that I did back then so I think she will be fine in a week 🙂

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence in my and my PT’s skillz, but they tell me tendons are tricky fellas and what you wrote about Pan’s swelling coming and going is right from their bag of tricks 😦 Our current plan is to wear the hard wrap for a week and then a soft wrap for the next few months. She will be able to run and even train with the soft wrap, it will just protect the carpal joint from hyperextension. Fingers crossed that our plan works!

      • Penny

        Sounds perfect. The wraps made the biggest difference for Pan. They were great. She’s gonna be fine 🙂

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