Another One Mind Dogs Groupie

Some people snicker at “handling systems” and Silvia Trkman famously says she doesn’t have one, but I just want for someone to tell me how to get through a course alive, you know? Like if you go to a riding school (or whatever the heck that thing is called) do you get there with your brand new unbroken colt and they say to you: let’s teach your colt how to do its thing and in the process you will figure out how to ride it properly? They don’t do it that way. I wonder why we think it’s such a brilliant idea to do it that way in dog agility.

So I’ve been looking at One Mind Dogs stuff. I don’t consider it a “handling system” in the same sense that Greg Derrett’s system is a “handling system”, it’s more like a list of handling recipes and I find this appealing. It seems that it leaves plenty of room for growth and experimentation while being able to support a new wannabe cook who just wants to try stuff. And their moves look cool. There, I said it. That’s really the only reason I’m looking into OMD. That and their brilliant marketing strategy. (For those who haven’t been to Penny’s blog lately, that was sarcasm right there.)

We’re still on agility break of course and with all the snow that we’re about to get it seems we’ll have no choice but to stay on a winter break for next two weeks… or four. Give or take a few. I’m so jealous of those in the warmer climates that get to play with this stuff while I’m thinking of moving into a new apartment so I’ll have a bigger living room where I can do the Twist (the OMD handling maneuver, not the dance) without breaking through walls.

In the mean time I found this awesome gal with the most amazing Chinese Cresteds ever:

Made me want to get one!!! But the Powderpuff version (with hair, lots of hair) because no one wears a sunscreen around here except me.

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4 thoughts on “Another One Mind Dogs Groupie

  1. I’m looking forward to us comparing OMD moves together. 😀
    And they do look cool.
    And I love how you describe it as a recipe. It’s exactly that- you can choose the moves you like and that work, and not use the rest.

  2. Penny

    You and Em are my favourite OM groupies! And are there really people who snicker at handling systems? How sad, what knobs.

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