The Catch

(c) braydawg @ flickr

(c) braydawg @ flickr

On today’s walk Java pounced on the ground and grabbed something. I thought nothing of it. She is often being silly playing with freshly cut grass. She happily turned toward me, then lost what she was carrying, found it again and carried it to me proudly. Uh-oh that didn’t look like something she would do if she was playing with grass.

I asked her to drop it and her look changed from one of pride to utter disbelief, but drop it she did. It was a small gray mouse, the limbs twitching as its life was ending, hopefully not from illness or a poison, but from the shake I saw Java give earlier. I was surprised (she actually dropped it? What?!) and relieved (I’m so glad she didn’t eat it) and happy (yay, she’s not picking it up again!) and worried (what if the mouse carries a disease?) and honored (it looked like she was bringing her catch to ME) and amazed (here she is with her first catch and she actually cares about what I think) all at once.

And all I had on me was boring old kibble.

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6 thoughts on “The Catch

  1. Penny

    They are a LOT of emotions to have gone through :)! Wasn’t she a good lass? More perfect that before now 😉

  2. Good great Java!!
    Lu of tens picks up very dead things out in the bush (one time a kangaroo’s fore-paw, yum). And every time I hold my breath wondering if she’s just going to run off with it, and every time she’s dropped it! It’s a great feeling when they surprise us in a good way 😉

  3. Need to improve that food service. 😛

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