Ruby’s Running Contacts – 2 Years Later

I know I promised to tell you what Java learned in Agility Foundations class, but I’m so excited, this just couldn’t wait!

Ruby was on a break from agility since December 2011. He injured his shoulder and after a long rest period I decided that he should take it easy for a while, agility-wise. I added challenges very, very gradually. Even so he managed to get himself injured several times that year, though all injuries were on walks so at least I wasn’t blaming agility for them 😉

In autumn 2012 I finally trusted his shoulder would stay sound even if Ruby had to bail dog walk so we did some running contacts over half of dog walk. This was to prepare him to run the full dog walk, but unfortunately we never got that far. He sprained a toe and the rest of the story can be found on this blog here and here.

When Java started training running contacts I let him run over the plank on the ground a few times, but I didn’t dare to do more. Finally now his back issues seem to be gone for good so today I tried running him over lowered dog walk (about 70cm high). Remember, he hasn’t been running full dog walk for almost 2 years.

We only did those 5 repetitions that are on video and as you can see he nailed every single down contact! I can’t believe that he still remembers the criteria and knows how to meet it. My eyes had trouble seeing his brindle feet on the contact, but his feet had no problem hitting it! Happydance 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Ruby’s Running Contacts – 2 Years Later

  1. WOW! Just goes to show what great training and consistency can amount to in the long-run. You must be so proud of your boy!

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