Sequence From Agility Foundations Homework 3

Homework 2 sequence

Homework 2 sequence

Even though it might seem like all Java does these days is run down a plank, we have actually been doing a little bit of sequencing as well. I tried to build up to Agility Foundations homework 2 sequence on the left, but it’s all wraps and more wraps… and occasional tunnel. Not a great fit for Java right now. She needs more action 🙂

Homework 3 sequence

Homework 3 sequence

So we skipped that and did homework 3 sequence instead. Homework 4 sequence (the one that Ruby is doing here) would be even better for her, but that would mean moving equipment too much which is a big no-no now that our club has a course set up for European Open practice.

Silvia recommends that we build sequences piece by piece, so first doing obstacles 1-2, then 1-3 and so on. This way the dog is getting more and more confident about where she is going. Java really likes this. Homework 3 sequence is actually a 4-obstacle sequence, repeated twice so you get an 8 obstacle sequence.

The emphasis of this exercise is on tightness of wraps – if the dog goes too wide the wrap should be repeated. I was happy to see our focus on wraps is paying off 🙂 I thought she would have more problems wrapping the #5 as she is coming with quite some speed, but she did it great already on the first try.

Wraps #2 and #6 are also difficult for some dogs because instructions say the handler should be on the landing side of the jump (this gives the dog straight line into the tunnel). Both Ruby and Java have an inclination to go wide when I am on the landing side, but I am very happy with how she did it in this sequence. As you will see our bars are still on the lowest setting because I wanted to make sure she knows how to wrap this height in sequences before making it higher.

This is how we built it up:

I loved running this little thing with Java. I can’t wait to try homework 4 sequence with her 🙂

Ruby is doing great! We haven’t been training since last Friday, but I did let him run free in the mean time and the other day we went to a dog party which included many, many frisbee tosses and ball throws. Ruby seemed no worse for the wear. Which makes me wonder what on Earth did he do last Friday that gave him problems when walking up stairs… But I’m happy he is feeling fine now!

Physiotherapist came yesterday and did her magic. No real problems, just some tight muscles in the rear and lower back. She said that lower back pain could be the reason why he was walking funny up the stairs, but she couldn’t tell me what caused it. Ruby is now officially cleared for training. 🙂

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