Just Another Training Day

Ruby’s back was fine after 5 minutes of agility on Thursday, so I decided to do a little bit on Friday as well, but this time something went wrong. He looked uncomfortable walking up the stairs when we came home. Luckily after a little massage he looked OK again, but I don’t know what was bothering him. His toe? Biceps? Back? Time to call the physio to make sure everything is allright…

We ran a sequence from homework 4 of Agility Foundations since it was already set up, this time with low bars. It’s amazing how well he remembers some things that we haven’t trained in two years, like the cue for the back side of the jump. I am able to cue it and pretty much continue running while he does his job. I love this dog!

Java continues to impress me with her running contacts. One week ago I raised the plank for the first time and today she was running beautifully over 30cm raised plank on the dog walk. I miscalculated the starting spot in the first session, but once I figured that out and was able to give her a good start every time, she was just brilliant.

I would like for her to run faster than that because dogs who run too slow in training miss their contacts in trials, but Silvia says the speed should come as she will start running the whole length of dog walk. I hope she is right! So now our first priority is to move Java’s starting spot back until she can run the whole thing.

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3 thoughts on “Just Another Training Day

  1. Looking good my little black internet whippet!

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