Ruby Update

Lately I haven’t been writing much about Ruby. The reason is that I wasn’t sure about how well he was so we rarely trained. Ruby has been getting sore muscles in his back without any obvious cause (though it could be due to protecting that rear toe that he sprained in October).

I massaged him, gave him warm compresses and arnica and was careful about the kind of exercise he got. It got better for a while, but then his back would get stiff again, so his activity was on and off, on and off.  Last week I realized that obviously what I’m doing wasn’t going to fix the problem, so we scheduled an appointment with canine physiotherapist.

Let me tell you, this is just the nicest physiotherapist I could ever wish for my brindle boy. I feel so fortunate that she is always able to squeeze us into her schedule and Ruby totally loves her. Our sessions started when he injured his shoulder. Since he was unable to relax at the veterinary clinic she offered to come to our home and this is how Ruby has been getting his physiotherapy ever since.  How come my doctors never visit me at home? I think he’s a little spoiled. Just a little 🙂

So last week we scheduled another physio session. She said he had tense/sore muscles not only in his back, but also bicepses and thigh muscles (and no, we haven’t been doing any jumping). Two days after the session he was still looking a little stiff which is normal while the muscles are adjusting, but after that he was like new!

Suddenly he was running again for no other reason than the joy of being free. And I don’t mean a few zoomies, I mean a whole hour of running by himself like he used to do before he injured his toe. He used to never need another dog to run with, but lately he has been running less and sniffing more. I thought he got calmer due to age (they say whippets get calmer after the age of 3), but now it seems that he could be just sore.

Tonight we had a cik&cap session to see if he can handle training. Keep your fingers crossed that his back will be fine tomorrow!

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