Hiking In The Woods

I was inspired by Em’s blog post free running: ultimate dog conditioning to go hiking in the woods today 🙂 It’s not that I haven’t heard Silvia’s recommendation many times before, but usually I only like woods when it’s dry. Today was raining.

Due to some injuries in the past and my fears I usually didn’t let both dogs off leash before. I kept one on leash while the other one ran free. Today I had to let them both off leash, otherwise I would quickly land on my face on the slippery ground.

It was wonderful! It was lightly raining, but the tall trees protected us from rain. It seems my fitness has improved as I was able to run for a part of the way and hills weren’t too bad on me, either. The dogs were playing and sniffing and running…

At one point I picked up many small cones and started throwing them up and down a trail while Ruby and Java blazed past me. The cones were too small for them to find, so they didn’t really bother, they just enjoyed running up and down. That was my favorite part of the walk 🙂

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One thought on “Hiking In The Woods

  1. Love this!!! 😀

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