Wraps And Tunnels

I love love love training agility with two dogs! Ruby and Java are both doing the same basic exercises at the moment, Java because she is still learning and Ruby as a conditioning exercise to develop muscles. We’re not doing any jumping yet so these are just muscles involved in acceleration/deceleration and turning.

I am very happy to see that Ruby remembers to collect for wraps and can also extend comfortably when the exercise calls for it. My plan is to go through all the Agility Foundation exercises and start jumping him on low height once his shoulder muscles are better able to absorb the impact. We will also do some Hit The Ground Running exercises to build jumping skills.

Also very proud of little Java for picking up speed in the last two training sessions. 🙂 I really like her 180 degree single wraps, and she seems to enjoy doing little sequences of wrap-tunnel-wraps. Now it’s just a matter of building more distance and commitment so I can handle the sequence properly and tighten those wraps.

We are having so much fun and I’m looking forward to running them on little sequences without jump bars so I can focus on handling and basic skills. Right now focusing on details feels like the right thing to do and makes me happy. I’m sure that will change after a while, so I’m enjoying the feeling while it lasts. You can never go wrong by investing in basics 🙂

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