Ruby Turns 4 Years

From this…

Ruby, 10 weeks

Ruby, 10 weeks

To this…

Ruby, 4 years

Ruby, 4 years

Happy birthday, žabica! Where did the time go?

This morning we celebrated by doing a little agility, just a tunnel and a jump wrap. There’s something about running agility with Ruby that fills me with adrenaline every time I think about it. It’s not the speed. I handled dogs with similar speed, and Java is definitely capable of more speed than him. It’s not about how well trained he is because really, he’s not. I think he would benefit greatly from doing Agility Foundations with Java.

It’s about his passion, how his whole being quivers with anticipation of being sent into that tunnel… How much heart he puts into that performance, his eyes sparkling with excitement… How he holds on to the disc at the end, relishing it, but also waiting to be sent again.

I have no video from today, but here are some more photos that my awesome sis took while babysitting Ruby during Java’s heat:

Tired after a walk

Tired after a walk

What a sweet face :)

What a sweet face 🙂

Waiting for release

Waiting for release

Like a boss :)

Like a boss 🙂

All photos were taken by Mateja

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