A Visit From Java’s Daddy

Last week Java got a visit from her dad Isi (Fleet Fellows Insider), half-brother Indalo (Indalo Isis Wind), Carlos and their human friends Ingrid and Anton. We had a lot of fun together and I got to do a little agility with Insider 🙂 He is an awesome whippet and I am so happy that Sari and David entrusted me with his daughter. I know how sad they were that she is going so far away from them.

Ingrid with Indalo (left) and Insider (right) with Carlos hiding behind him

Ingrid with Indalo (left) and Insider (right) with Carlos hiding behind him

It was wonderful to see Isi work with Anton. He clearly loves agility and it looks like running over obstacles is his biggest reward, though of course he enjoys his toy at the end 🙂 I was surprised when he showed the same level of enthusiasm for obedience as well. I guess he just likes working in general – how cool is that?

Unfortunately Java is in heat these days so the dogs didn’t have a chance to play together, but Ingrid and Anton promised to come again next year so hopefully they will be able to do it then. If Java’s training goes well the father and daughter might even run in the same competition, along with Indalo and Ruby. That would be so much fun! 🙂

Java, Indalo &  Insider

Java, Indalo & Insider

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