Two Crazy Dogs

I’m so proud of little Java 🙂 She is determined to catch up on everything she has been missing out during this long, snowy winter.

This is a part of training we did yesterday:

What I like about this video:

  • She gets so excited about the two toy game, doesn’t matter what toys I have! I wanted to challenge her a bit by choosing two toys of unequal value – ball on a rope which she likes and ring on a rope which before this session she didn’t even recognize as a toy.
  • She switched from toys to food and back to toys without any problems. We have been working on this since the day she came home and it has paid off!
  • She continues to bop my hand even though I pretend I’m going to deliver food with the other hand.
  • She followed my body really nicely when I turned for 180 degrees (called “post turn” in agility or “follow the RZ in Recallers course)

We also did some restrained recalls with dogs barking less than 5m away and she was completely focused on me! In the past I would have used food in such situation, but yesterday I chose to play two toy game instead and I think she was more focused than she would have been with food. Toys are winning!

Today we went to play on agility equipment.

Java did some lightning fast jump wraps (Cik&Cap):

Then we played a tunnel game that I found on Silvia Trkman’s Foundations Fun DVD. Java looooooved it!

Ruby had an exciting day as well though not in the way I hoped. I took him to a really nice, wild place where he could romp around on a flexi (a luxury he didn’t get in months). I got him out of the car, taped his toes in case he would start runing, put his coat on. He was excited and I had to repeatedly ask him to calm down since I don’t want him to run just yet. Two minutes later he decided to jump over a stream, but flexi wasn’t long enough and he fell in the icy water. Huh, it seems I have forgotten what a crazy dog I have and not to let him near water in the winter because he always manages to fall in. So I took him back home to dry in the comfort of his crate…

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4 thoughts on “Two Crazy Dogs

  1. I can totally see why you called her Black Magic. MAN! She is a quick one. Also, her bark sounds EXACTLY like Elli’s; really precious.

    I can’t wait to start agility — finally found an outdoor arena to practice at, but like you, must wait until the snow/ice melts! I can only get true speed when we’re outdoors working for the long Cuz ball throws, so it should be great!

    • And so she should be with such fast parents 😉
      I always thought that her bark sounded a bit “too big” for her – I guess that’s why 🙂
      Yay for agility! Elli is going to have so much fun!

  2. Wow! Can’t wait to see Java compete! Looks great!

    Thank you for the post on Sassie Joiris. I love that idea and will have to try it.

  3. Thanks 🙂 Competing seems like an eternity away right now.

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