Silvia Trkman’s Agility Foundations Class

I have just enrolled Java in Agility Foundations class! I can’t tell you how excited I am!!! Well, perhaps you can tell 😉

I love Silvia’s method of teaching agility because it emphasizes running fast and having fun (not to mention that she is very successful with it). What more could one want out of a sport where a human and a dog run as a team?

My crazy boy exiting the dog walk... Oh how I miss those days...

My crazy boy exiting the dog walk… Oh how I miss those days…

I also love that she got around to making a companion DVD, called Foundations Fun. You can order it even if you’re not participating in the course. If you don’t know her methods yet and feel that 200 EUR for a class is too big a commitment then those 50 EUR for a DVD will be well spent. (Java is watching it intently and softly whining – I think she wants in on the action!)

When I first went to Silvia’s Agility Foundations class with Ruby I didn’t care about how soon we are going to be able to run mini courses. Just doing a single piece of equipment was a very exciting prospect. But now that I got hooked and haven’t been able to run agility in such a long time I am extra happy that Silvia’s method encourages handlers to run their dogs on small courses almost from the start. I will get my fix soon! Very soon 🙂

Truth be told I tried to get some today, but shockingly someone forgot to teach Java to look for a jump when she comes out of a tunnel 😉 I should set up a tunnel course, that would be fun!

Ruby’s action photo was taken by Janja Erjavec.

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6 thoughts on “Silvia Trkman’s Agility Foundations Class

  1. Agility Foundations Class with Silvia Trkman- that’s great! We are very excited too.

  2. The class officially starts on April 8th, but we have some pre-course work to do already. It will keep us busy until then. 😛

  3. Hello fellow ST Foundations class-mate! Amazing the things you find when you search for ‘Silvia Trkman’ tags. 😉

  4. Hi classmate 🙂 Your Lu is a beauty! I subbed to your blog 🙂

    • Yep I’ve subscribed to yours too 🙂 Hopefully Java manages to stop hurting his leg chasing the ball! 😉

      • I think she will be fine once there will be more grass and her coat grows a bit more. Until then I’ll just keep trying new things…

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