First Agility Session

Since we’re having an unusually long winter this year I decided to brave the elements with Java and do some agility training in the snow. This was our first agility session this year. Oh how I missed it! Apparently Java missed it as well, as she knew exactly where we were going and was all excited when we got there 🙂

She decided that today would be a good day to start teeter training. It was covered with a tarp and weighed so that both ends were in the air to keep it above the snow. Java jumped on one end and rode it to the ground. It was a slow ride because the other end had a weight on and she seemed to like it. I got her off and the next thing I knew she was on the teeter again… and again 🙂

What we really came to do were some wing wraps and tunnels. She exceeded all my expectations with jump wraps. Last time I checked my girl was having trouble collecting if I started her 2m away from the wing. Well, she must have been practicing in secret, because today she was able to do figure eights between two jump wings (about 4m apart) without a problem! I really wish I had a video, but the weather didn’t look good, so I didn’t bring the camera.

Tunnels were great, of course. As soon as I got her away from the teeter she found the nearest tunnel and ran through 🙂 It was too slippery to have her run through curved tunnels, so instead we did some straight tunnels with left / right turn at the end. This was a difficult concept for her, but she’s catching on.

To keep her warm between sessions we did a few restrained recalls through jump wings with a bar on the ground. Java thought that was GREAT fun. Need to try it with several jumps next time.

I can’t believe my puppy is ready to train agility. I keep thinking that I forgot something, that I need to teach her something essential before we do more agility, but nope – she’s ready. She really is. Bring on the Spring!

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2 thoughts on “First Agility Session

  1. Penny

    Fantastic news! How exciting!

  2. Yes! I just hope the weathermen got it wrong saying they’re expecting more snow on Sunday…

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