Ruby Update

I finally feel optimistic about Ruby’s toe troubles. Two weeks ago I took him to another vet. While he couldn’t promise that it will work he suggested three shots of hyaluronic acid directly into the affected joint. After the first shot the toe was tender for almost a week. After the second shot the tenderness subsided in just two days. I think we’re making progress! He will receive the third shot next week and full benefits of this treatment should be seen a week after that. A canine physiotherapist checked the joint today and she too was optimistic.
It looks like he will be ready for more action just as the snow melts. Can’t wait!

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2 thoughts on “Ruby Update

  1. I love you Ruby the Whippet… You don’t know how hard it was to just keep my mouth shut on that comment. Such a stupid thing for Anonymous to say in many ways.

    And Oh No about the toe troubles! I hope you get that all figured out. I’ve had the best success with toes that develop a lot of scar tissue and have huge knuckles. Much better to be stiff than floppy and loose.

    Thanks for all your comments.

    • If I were in your shoes I probably wouldn’t be able to restrain myself 🙂

      We went for the final shot today. I hope it worked!

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