Teaching A Brilliant Recall

EDITED: Click here to go to my most recent review of Recallers

Some people say that they would never trust their whippets off leash in unfenced areas. Some do, and trust that their hounds will come back when they’re ready to go home, and indeed many people get by just fine with this plan. They also let their whippet chase prey animals because hey, what can you do, right? They were bred to hunt small, fast moving prey.

And then there are others who are committed to getting a great recall on their dogs, sighthounds or not. You probably guessed where I stand on this 🙂 Great recall was my plan from the very first day Ruby came into my life and we worked on it diligently. So by the time he was one year old he was recalling away from all sorts of distractions, right? Wrong.

It wasn’t until we joined Susan Garret’s Recallers course that Ruby got motivated enough to come under all circumstances, including while chasing birds, cats and bunnies. The amazing thing about it is that he already knew most of the 30+ games that comprise Recallers, so he didn’t really learn a lot of new things. We just had to get a little bit better at each game and together they worked like magic.

That was in 2010. In 2011 Susan repeated Recallers and gave a free pass to everyone who created a video of their experience of “Recallers 2” in 2010. I created a video which you can see in the post How I Fell In Love With Agility – Bonus Chapter. Not only did it get me into Recallers 3 for free, but the video was among 5 winners who got a ton of prizes. You can see the winning videos from 2011 and the prizes here.

Today the voting started again. This is my video:

It got among first 15 videos, 5 of which you can watch today on Susan’s blog. The rest will be posted tomorrow and the day after.

Take a look, vote for your favorites, and if you’re looking for a way to improve your dog’s recall, get into Recallers 4 when it opens. We had a lot of fun the last two times and we’re taking it again. I just get much more committed to playing the games every day if I do it as a part of a group.

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7 thoughts on “Teaching A Brilliant Recall

  1. After watching the videos, what used to feel like a nice reliable recall now feels more like a good starting point for learning a BRILLIANT recall. 🙂

    • Haha yes, there are many possible executions of recalls 🙂 We tend to think that when we say “recall” or “sit” or “stay” we all have the same picture in our mind, but that is just not so. Thank you for making this point that I missed in the post 🙂

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  5. Luna

    I’d love to take the class but I’m in Australia… This is the first page that came up on my google search for teach whippet recall… Is there another post by you that gives tips or advice? *hopeful*

    • Hi Luna, I feel your pain on trying to get a naughty whippet to recall 🙂
      Recallers is an online class so you can participate from wherever you are. However, it is only offered about once per year, so you are out of luck for now. I see a lot of people come to my blog looking for information on whippet recall training so I’m writing a blog post about it. Should be ready soon!

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