Looking Back on 2012

2012 was a tough year. I knew Ruby’s first years have trained me in patience and perseverance, but I had no idea that my newfound skills would be used in this way. The 2012 was a year of injuries for Ruby. For the first half of the year his shoulder, then after he got back in form he had several silly injuries such as slipping on a branch and straining a muscle. And lastly a sprained toe and split webbing, which we’re still dealing with. Well, the good news of the year is that his shoulder seems to have healed very well and is doing great.

After every period of rest we increased activity very gradually so we only got to play agility a handful of times last year, but boy did we have fun when we did! His speed and enthusiasm always suprise me after we haven’t done agility for a while. I seem to forget just how fast he is and my reaction times get very poor 🙂 Ruby gets pumped up with adrenaline just watching other people walk the course. There is no doubt in his mind that he belongs there, running through tunnels, over jumps and dog walks…

In late spring of 2012 I started thinking about getting a second dog. I would have waited another year or two if it wasn’t for Ruby’s shoulder, but shoulder injuries are tricky and I wasn’t sure if he will be able to play agility again. I also wanted to focus on training another dog to stop obsessing so much about Ruby’s health.

I started looking for a border collie, because I wanted
a) a dog with suitable build for agility
b) a puppy who I will be able to trust off leash pretty soon
c) a dog who will not team up with Ruby for chasing rabbit and deer

I found planned mating that I liked. I talked to the breeder about visiting parents and made travel arrangements, reserved a hotel etc. And then I got myself a whippet puppy! Ha!

Even though it made perfect sense rationally to get a BC my heart wasn’t cooperating with my mind. When I stumbled upon a litter of whippets with all the health checks I wanted to see (but thought I would never find a breeder who would do them) and with a sire that competes in A3 (what are the odds???) I took that as a sign. I immediately looked up his videos and his enthusiasm for agility was obvious. Java’s pedigree

So even though I never met the parents and all I knew about them I found through email with their owners, I flew to Finland one August evening to pick up my Black Magic. She truly is a wonderful whippet. Always ready to work, willing to please, confident, loves people and has a nice, stable temperament with a dash of craziness. She is 6 months old and loving our agility games.

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9 thoughts on “Looking Back on 2012

  1. Wow I didn’t know you fully considered a BC before getting Java! How funny. I’m really glad you stuck with your breed, though. I’m loving following Java’s progress. Her enthusiasm is infectious.

    • I’m still planning on getting a BC one day, there is a lot about them that I like. I do think there will come a time when that feels right, it just wasn’t this year. But in the mean time I am glad I chose Java 🙂

  2. Penny

    That was great , just great. I still think you completely made the right decision. That lava is a brilliant find.! Crap I love her! 🙂

  3. Nice to see the next black agility whippet!

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  5. Pam

    I have a six year old lurcher (though we don’t call them that here in US). I went to the shelter to get a puppy and came home with a whippet/pointer cross. Soon I saw he jumped everywhere so I decided to try agility. I’ve been hooked for # of years now and have also been considering whether to get some type of herding dog to train with Tucker. I just can’t imagine a more wonderful dog than Tucker, however. So I think I will eventually end up with a sight hound Possibly a Ibizan Hound as that would be Tucker’s size. Nice to see you have found Java. I will consider a pure whippet. I am mostly worried about their tolerence for our COLD winters..

    • Wow do you have any photos on the internet? I wonder what Tucker looks like 🙂
      Where in US do you live? Our winters can be quite cold and long… I don’t like them at all. Whippets do just fine with their coats on.

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