Java – 5 months

Java turned 5 months old on Sunday and after some persuasion from a friend I made a video to remember this month by. I’m so happy I did. Thank you, Monika!

In the last two weeks Java’s focus on toys has grown exponentially. In just a few days we went from doing a few retrieves at a time in the apartment to going outside and having to hold myself back from throwing a toy too many times because she wanted to go on and on.
We are finishing our puppy class next week and a lot of behaviors on the video were taught as a part of puppy class program, most notably heeling, which I just love 🙂 Some other games were added to teach self-control and of course the start of agility foundations tricks.

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13 thoughts on “Java – 5 months

  1. Thank you Andreja, you did a great job with Java. Daddy Isi is very proud.

    • Thank you 🙂 We are also very proud of Isi! I just saw his TV-appearance and he was really fast on that course. I hope a lot of people saw him and started thinking about what their whippets could do.

      • Hi Andreja and all agility whippets owners too 🙂 I look to Yours youtube video for time and I am glad to found Yours blog now. It is realy great, how You work with dogs. I am trying to do with my whippets agility also. I am looking forward to new articles 😉 Jarka

        • Hi Jarka, nice to “meet” you 🙂 I looked at your website. You have beautiful dogs! Do you have any videos of agility?

  2. Laura

    Amazing! Just wonderful! 🙂

  3. I just remembered I never checked out your blog! Sorry! Oh, Java is so cute. I’m jealous of her focus and attention. Maybe 5 months for Maddie will bring similar results… although that is next week. 🙂

    • Oh I imagine you have your hands full with Maddie 🙂 It’s funny how you prefer food-driven dogs and you got a puppy that prefers toys whereas I prefer toy-driven dogs and I (knowingly) picked Java, who prefers food. The last two weeks were a turning point though. I think it won’t be long before she will prefer toys, at least when training outdoors. So who knows, Maddie’s turning point could be right around the corner.

  4. Hi Andreja, Thanks 🙂 . I have some agility videos from summer, but not on the internet. I have to learn about working with video files (cut, convert, plus the music…) and then take them to youtube.

  5. He likes agility much, I think, that now is he faster, than on the video. Now on beam we train 2on 2off. With A is it hard, because on agility camp in august we started on lowered A (appr. 1 meter high), took 1 retarder on downward part and let him run as fast as he can, so he learned to jump over the top and step on the contact. Untill this week we did’nt have possibillity to lower A on our ground, so we did not go to A. From next week will train it again with the same method. As said my friend A will be for him accelerator as tunel 🙂

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