Eye-Mouth Coordination and Playing With Toys

I love seeing Java developing a good eye-mouth coordination! Beyond just being very entertaining to watch a dog catch food in the air the eye-mouth coordination is important when catching frisbees and for not biting my hand too often when I run away with a toy. I saw Java trying to catch kibble in mid-air a couple of times. I thought it’s unlikely for a 4 month puppy to be able to do it, but decided to test her anyway. Sure enough, she learned how to catch them really fast. Superpup 🙂

It’s exciting to see how her view of toys is expanding and maturing. In the beginning toys were primarily something to chew on and occasionally something to catch, tugging was just means to win the toy so she could chew on it. Then she learned that it was usually more fun to play with the toy I chose to play with and to drop a toy in exchange for another one. About a month ago I started teaching her two training games using toys and now they are not just objects to chase and to chew on, they are becoming a way of interacting with me. I love training with toys. There is just nothing better than seeing a whippet smile because she is playing with you.

We are also working on some easy retrieves. For some reason she particularly likes retrieving pine cones 🙂 Here she’s retrieving them at almost 3 months old (currently she is 4,5 months old):

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6 thoughts on “Eye-Mouth Coordination and Playing With Toys

  1. SO CUTE. What a good girl.

    I am incredibly excited you started a blog. I’ve been following Ruby (and now Java) via youtube for some time. I have a Whippet mix I blog about and see so much of her in your pups. I just love it.


    • Hi, it’s nice to virtually meet you 🙂 How old is your Whippet mix? Do you do agility with her?

      • Nice to meet you, too!!

        Elli is two. I am most definitely training agility with her. (And nose work and rally and trad. obedience). 🙂 We’ve been working on flatwork and random sequencing with the obstacles I have in my backyard for several months. That’s all though. I don’t belong to a club, so my access to obstacles to even familiarize her with are very limited.

        Is agility your main focus with Java? She seems like a little spitfire, up for anything.

  2. I checked out your blog. You are very active with Elli!
    I know how hard it is to train without a club membership… I did it for half a year before accepting that it just won’t work that way 🙂
    Yes, agility is my main focus with both dogs. Training anything else pales in comparison to the rush I get when I train agility.

  3. penichops

    Eye/nouth coordination. It’s really good, means you want have a vision impared ninja

    • Ha! You know what my friend (who knows about your dogs through me) said when I showed him how Java catches treats in the air? “Two good eyes” 😀
      I think Javelin must have been very young in this video. Perhaps 3 months old? So it was probably a little optimistic at that time 🙂 What about now? Does he catch them sometimes?

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