Random Puppy Updates & First Night in a Hotel!

Java is growing up fast! She loves food, but doesn’t require much of it, so we run out of kibble fast. We’re working through “turning off” moments when switching from food to toys as I’m building value of tugging. Lately I’ve decided to reward a great tug by letting her zoom aroud with the toy, which is something I’ve been reluctant to do because the value of that is not connected to me. It’s working great though, she really puts more effort into winning the tug and then I run away so she chases me. I keep running and turning until she stays close to me, then exchange the toy for food and start over. I think with time she will zoom less and less.

She LOVES to chase me. When doing restrained recalls she growls as she’s catching up with me… she’s hunting me down and will attack my pants if there is no toy in sight.

She is capable of such fast movements! I train tricks with a bowl of kibble on the floor and a few times she has managed to get a gobble of it with me standing right there. She is perfect 99% of the time and then suddenly she will just dive in faster than I can react. Naughty puppy 🙂

When Ruby’s toe heals we’ll resume working on her excitement when Ruby runs around. She goes crazy if I throw him a toy. Crazy when I throw it, and even crazier when he retrieves it, jumping all over him and biting. We did one session with her in a crate (with door open so it was a self-control game) and Ruby running around. She was perfect until my sister put Ruby in a sit and then said OK. Java released! But of course, that’s what she’s supposed to do when she hears the release word. Perhaps I should teach her that the release needs to come from me 😛

Last week she accompanied me to a three day conference. She stayed in the hotel while I attended the sessions and I came to take her out & train as often as I could. She was a superstar 🙂 She walked in the hotel like she owned the place, was calm in her crate, able to ignore people and also to say hi and give them kisses. I am really happy with her confident and outgoing temperament that she inherited from Fleet Fellows Insider and Get On Top Ticking Timebomb (see Java’s pedigree). She climbed into a lap of one wheelchair-bound guy and made him cry tears of happiness. He explained that he used to have two dogs, but due to his condition he isn’t sure if he will ever have a dog again. It was very moving.

Come up on the bed! You know you want to…
Come up on the bed! You know you want to...

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4 thoughts on “Random Puppy Updates & First Night in a Hotel!

  1. Hi there sister, greetings from Hippa and cousin Aina! Running, tugging, tail wagging… Sounds very, very familiar 🙂
    We’ll be frequent visitors of this blog, wonderful and interesting to see how you work and train with Java and Ruby!

    • Oh, how nice of you to visit 🙂 I went to your blog today and noticed for the first time that you write in English as well! I have visited it before, but couldn’t understand anything. I will definitely visit it often now 🙂

  2. Hi daughter, greetings from your dad Isi and half-brother Indalo! Also for us everything sounds very familiar.
    Andreja, thank you very much for creating this blog. We are very happy that we can trace Java’s development and see how you work with her and Ruby. Of course we’ll be constant visitors of this blog too.

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