The Beginning

It feels weird to be sending words out into the internet void. I hope I will get used to it with time 🙂 The reason I’m doing it anyway is that sometimes the joy I feel from living with my pups is just too wonderful to not be remembered in some way. Spoken word is so fleeting… memory fades, even changes with time. Written word remains.

First there was Ruby the whippet. The pup who insisted that puppy school is for playing with other puppies, not boring old me. An adolescent who made me cry tears of frustration and inspired me to read everything I could about dog training. And try again and again to become more interesting than other dogs, more interesting than birds, more interesting than deer poo, more interesting than empty fields… He made me search for answers. He made me search for teachers. The dog who introduced me to frisbee and agility and went on to play both sports with unexpected passion. The whippet who learned running contacts. My crazy fast agility partner.

Then there was Java, also a whippet. I was searching for a litter of border collies because I wanted another agility dog, but was worried about recalling two whippets when chasing prey. I figured a border collie would be a much safer choice in that regard. But then I found litter B of Fast Pack’s and fell in love. So I flew to Finland and brought home my little Black Magic (Java) – a sweet yet feisty black puppy who was immediately turned on and ready to learn. Unlike Ruby she thought that I was AWESOME and was prepared to scream her little heart out to make sure I never left her side 😛 She is four months old and already a real joy to train.

I feel truly blessed to have found two such wonderful whippets. I hope in some way the joy they bring to my life will leave a mark on yours as well.

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